Warehouse Associate

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    Preferred Education and Credentials

    • High school diploma or GED
    • Knowledge of HVAC/R products
    • Driver’s license
    • Forklift operator certification


    • Organization
    • Detail-oriented
    • Inventory control
    • Inspection
    • Physical abilities (lift at least 50 pounds, extended standing) 
    • Documentation
    • Communication
    • Multi-tasking


    Warehouse associates ensure smooth warehouse operations by keeping relevant records and receiving, inspecting, maintaining, and distributing stock.

    Warehouse associates need strong organizational skills and attention to detail to accurately ensure inventory control. They receive, unload, and label incoming shipments, safely storing products in the appropriate location. Warehouse associates process orders for shipment to customers by retrieving products from storage and putting them in the loading area; they may also pack the outgoing stock. Job duties include routine inspection of incoming and outgoing shipments for damage and to ensure the quantity of product is accurate, and they follow up as needed to resolve any problems or errors.

    Warehouse work is physical, requiring the ability to stand and walk for extended periods and having the physical strength to lift or move heavy objects (sometimes weighing more than 50 pounds). Some positions may require operating a forklift. Warehouse associates are responsible for cleaning loading and unloading areas, storage locations, and other work areas to maintain a neat and safe environment. The work must comply with applicable U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (i.e., OSHA) regulations and safety protocols.

    Warehouse associates need documentation skills to accurately keep inventory records, and some employers may require computer skills for related tasks such as data-entry and reporting. Strong communication skills are necessary for workers to effectively collaborate with other team members, vendors, and customers. Work may need to be completed with time constraints, so multi-tasking is a valuable skill. 

    Warehouse associates are typically employed on a full-time basis in a warehouse, but some do work part-time. 

    Job Outlook

    According to the New York State Department of Labor, there are approximately 97,000 warehouse associates and other laborers in New York State that move materials and freight by hand. Opportunities for employment are expected to be very favorable through 2030 – the Department projects this occupation to grow by 41,180 jobs between 2020 and 2030 (across all industries).

    Entering the Field

    A formal education and prior experience are not typically required to obtain entry-level work as a warehouse associate, but some employers prefer to hire workers with a high school diploma or GED. Job duties are usually learned on-the-job within one month and include warehouse operations, policies, and regulations. 

    Employers hiring warehouse associates in the HVAC/R field may give preference to applicants with existing knowledge of related products. A driver’s license and certification to operate a forklift may be required or preferred for some jobs.


    In New York State, the median wage for warehouse associates is approximately $38,900. Entry-level workers earn about $33,000 and experienced workers earn about $47,900.

    Annual Wage (Q1 2023 dollars, rounded to 100s) – Statewide and by Labor Market Region

    New York State$33,000 $38,900 $47,900
    Capital Region$32,300 $38,300 $45,200
    Central New York$31,800 $37,700 $42,900
    Finger Lakes$31,400 $37,000 $43,300
    Hudson Valley$33,500 $38,900 $46,000
    Long Island$33,800 $39,200 $47,800
    Mohawk Valley$32,500 $40,700 $48,600
    New York City$34,800 $40,600 $52,200
    North Country$30,900 $35,800 $41,900
    Southern Tier$31,100 $36,600 $42,500
    Western New York$31,300 $38,500 $44,300

    Source: New York State Department of Labor, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics Survey, SOC Code 53-7062 (Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand)


    Wholesale distributors of heating, refrigeration, and plumbing materials employ warehouse associates working in the HVAC/R field. 

    The top three employers with the most online job advertisements in each region in 2022 are listed below. Note that jobs for warehouse and wholesale trade workers are often underrepresented in online job ads. Check local union websites or contact HVAC/R equipment suppliers and distributors for additional opportunities to gain employment as a warehouse associate.

    Capital Region

    • Carrier Enterprise
    • F.W. Webb Company
    • Ferguson

    Central New York

    • Inficon
    • VP Supply Corporation
    • Carrier Enterprise

    Finger Lakes

    • VP Supply Corporation
    • Carrier Enterprise
    • Geck Plumbing and Heating Supply Co., Inc.

    Hudson Valley

    • Bruni & Campisi, Inc.
    • Aqueduct Services Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
    • Jones Services

    Long Island

    • Ferguson
    • Duro Dyne
    • Carrier Enterprise

    Mohawk Valley

    • Inficon
    • Budderfly
    • Danfoss Power Solutions

    New York City

    • Ferguson
    • Costal Supply Group
    • R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc.

    North Country (Employers did not post any job ads online in 2022.)

    Southern Tier (All ads posted in 2022 were from two employers.)

    • Inficon
    • R.E. Michel Company, Inc.

    Western New York

    • VP Supply Corporation
    • Emerald Heating and Cooling
    • Seal & Design

    Source: Lightcast™. 2022.

    Labor Unions

    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is affiliated with 18 local chapters that have members in the union’s Warehouse Division. Each local is listed below in one of New York State’s labor market regions based on the location of the chapter’s main office, but the local’s jurisdiction may extend into other regions. Visit the union websites to learn more about what their members do and where they work. Also check with local communities to see if there are other active unions for warehouse workers.

    Capital Region

    Central New York

    Finger Lakes

    Hudson Valley

    Long Island

    New York City

    Western New York

    Education and Training Programs

    Educational attainment beyond high school is typically not required to work as a warehouse associate, and training is usually provided on the job.

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