Marketing Manager

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

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    Required Education, Credentials, and Licenses

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 5 or more years of experience

    Preferred Education and Credentials

    • Knowledge of HVAC/R products and markets
    • Master’s degree


    • Marketing strategy
    • Verbal and written communication
    • Analytical
    • Creativity
    • Project management
    • Organization
    • Teamwork
    • Detail-oriented
    • Leadership


    Marketing managers plan, organize, and implement advertising campaigns and promotional materials to boost public interest in products and services to enhance brand recognition with the goals of supporting business growth and increasing their employer’s market share.

    Strong analytical skills are essential for marketing managers to successfully evaluate the competitiveness of their company’s products and services in the overall market. They also monitor and identify trends in customer preferences, evaluate customer feedback, and assess the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Marketing managers then creatively use the insights gathered from these analyses to design compelling promotional programs with interesting and engaging content in a variety of formats including text, videos, digital media, and print content. They also support innovation and development of new products and services and inform the company’s sales and marketing strategies. 

    Marketing managers need to be organized to effectively plan, direct, and oversee project activities, including assigning staff, coordinating resources, and managing budgets. They are responsible for proofreading and editing promotional materials to ensure accuracy, so it is necessary for them to be detail-oriented. Teamwork skills are essential to both motivate their marketing staff to achieve targeted goals as well as to establish good relationships with media outlets and collaborate with members of other departments within their organization, such as sales personnel, engineers, product development teams, or technical writers. 

    Verbal and written communication skills are critical for marketing managers since they are involved with the flow of information through a product’s life cycle – from conception and development through advertising, sales, and training. They must be able to express technical information to a variety of stakeholders through sales presentations, product demonstrations, instructional materials, and press communications. 

    Marketing managers typically work in an office setting, but they may also need to travel to meet with vendors and media representatives. They work full-time and may need to work extra hours to meet deadlines.

    Job Outlook

    According to the New York State Department of Labor, there are approximately 35,000 marketing managers in New York State. Opportunities for employment are expected to be favorable through 2030 – the Department projects this occupation to grow by 3,990 jobs across all industries between 2020 and 2030.

    Entering the Field

    Marketing managers typically need to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, along with at least five years of relevant experience in advertising, marketing, or sales. Within the HVAC/R field, having existing industry knowledge and familiarity with the mechanical equipment and systems is valuable to employers, some of whom indicated a preference for candidates with a master’s degree (or noted that a graduate degree might substitute for several years of experience.) Many candidates build experience in related roles such as marketing analysts, marketing coordinators, or even sales representatives or sales engineers. Some candidates without a bachelor’s degree, but with considerable work experience, may also qualify for the job. For example, an experienced HVAC/R service technician could advance over time to work as a cost estimator or sales representative and, eventually, to a senior marketing position.

    Marketing managers who must travel to in-person meetings will need a valid New York State driver’s license.


    In New York State, the median wage for marketing managers is approximately $175,900. Entry-level workers earn about $112,000 and experienced workers earn about $235,000.

    Annual Wage (Q1 2023 dollars, rounded to 100s) – Statewide and by Labor Market Region

    New York State$112,000 $175,900 $235,000
    Capital Region$89,300 $145,400 $192,400
    Central New York$86,100 $136,900 $184,000
    Finger Lakes$92,600 $143,700 $193,500
    Hudson Valley$106,900 $172,800 $219,500
    Long Island$100,000 $166,300 $214,800
    Mohawk Valley$78,800 $132,200 $178,800
    New York City$123,500 $179,100 $244,900
    North Country$82,100 $123,500 $162,700
    Southern Tier$86,400 $144,700 $189,800
    Western New York$84,700 $137,500 $187,700

    Source: New York State Department of Labor, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics Survey, SOC Code 11-2021 (Marketing Managers)


    Marketing managers within the HVAC/R field may be employed by any companies that sell the equipment and services needed to operate HVAC/R systems, including manufacturers and providers of facility management services such as HVAC maintenance. In 2022, companies that manufacture HVAC/R equipment posted more online job advertisements than any other type of company. In addition to the job title “marketing manager,” some positions are advertised with job titles that reference product development, such as “product manager” or “product specialist.” Searching online job advertisements for those job titles and keywords such as “HVAC,” “heating,” “cooling,” “ventilation,” “refrigeration,” and “marketing” can help identify opportunities to work as a marketing manager in the HVAC/R field. 

    Labor Unions

    Marketing managers are typically not union members.

    Education and Training Programs

    Colleges and universities that have some of New York State’s largest bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in marketing (based on the number of degrees awarded) are listed in the table below. Other schools may offer business degrees where students can concentrate in marketing. Some community colleges offer associate degrees in these areas of study, and the credits earned might be applicable toward a bachelor’s degree. Check with local educational institutions for additional program availability.

    Educational InstitutionDepartmentCertificateAssociateBachelorMasterPhD
    Capital Region
    Siena CollegeSchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    The College of Saint RoseHuether School of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    Central New York
    Le Moyne CollegeMadden School of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    SUNY College at OswegoSchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    Syracuse UniversityWhitman School of ManagementNoNoYesYesNo
    Finger Lakes
    Nazareth CollegeSchool of Business & LeadershipNoNoYesYesNo
    Roberts Wesleyan CollegeSchool of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    Saint John Fisher CollegeSchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    SUNY College at BrockportSchool of Business & ManagementNoNoYesNoNo
    Hudson Valley
    Iona CollegeLaPenta School of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    Manhattanville CollegeAcademic ProgramsNoNoYesYesNo
    St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeSchool of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    SUNY at New PaltzSchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    Long Island
    Adelphi UniversitySchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    Hofstra UniversityZarb School of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    Molloy CollegeSchool of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    Stony Brook UniversityCollege of BusinessNoNoNoYesNo
    SUNY College at Old WestburySchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    New York City
    Fordham UniversityGabelli School of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    Pace UniversityLubin School of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    St. John’s UniversityThe Peter J. Tobin College of BusinessNoNoYesYesNo
    St. Joseph’s UniversityBusiness Administration and Marketing & Department of Graduate Management StudiesNoNoYesYesNo
    North Country
    SUNY College at PlattsburghSchool of Business & EconomicsNoNoYesNoNo
    Southern Tier
    Binghamton UniversitySchool of ManagementNoNoYesNoNo
    Western New York
    Niagara UniversityCollege of Business AdministrationNoNoYesNoNo
    St. Bonaventure UniversitySchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo
    SUNY at FredoniaSchool of BusinessNoNoYesNoNo

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